Past contestants

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1. Smokin Bad Habit

2. Hoggy Style

3. Morning Wood Smokers

4. Can't Touch This BBQ

5. Southern Krunk BBQ Society

6.Lazy Bacon BBQ

7. Gettin' Sauced

8. The Other Brother BBQ

9. Lazy D Bar BQ

10. Hardway BBQ

11. MooCow

12. Whimpy's

13. Yo Ho Ho BBQ

14. 2 Dog Smokin

15. The Beast BBQ


17. Sticks-N-Chicks BBQ

18. Little Pig Town

19. Sweet Beaver BBQ

20. Lotta Bull BBQ

21. Butcher BBQ

22. Wild Blue

23. Front Door Gang

24. Naughty Nurses BBQ

25. Git Your Pig On

26. Hambones BBQ

27. R Butts R Smokin

28. The Smoking Hills

29. Phat Phils BBQ

30. Team Enoserv

31. Smokin in the Pits

32. getyasome

33. Caveman Cuisine

34. C-N-C

35. Ribs 4 U


36. Smoker and the Bandits

2010 Entries

 Team Name            

Blowin Smoke

Lotta BS BBQ

Ponderosa BBQ

Little Pig Town

 Yo-ho-ho BBQ

Lazy D Bar BQ

Funny Farm BBQ

2 Guys Smoking


Smokers Wild

All Four Aces BBQ

Smokin' Bad Habit BBQ

Hoggy Style

The Morning Wood Smokers

Ribs 4 U


 Bibs N Ribs

Sticks-N-Chicks BBQ

Butcher BBQ

Munchin Hogs @ the Hilton

The Pickled Pig

Wild Blue

Caveman Cuisine

Naughty Nurses BBQ

Rib Crib Inc.

Pork Me Purple

 Stu's Q BBQ


Front Door Gang

The Smoking Hills

2 Dog Smokin

Hardway Barbecue

Kerr's Que

Sweet Jesus BBQ

Southern Krunk BBQ Society

4 Men and a Pig

KC Can Crew

Can't Touch This

Burn One


Parrothead Smokers



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